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ALNI Technical Bureau Ltd

Greece, a traditional naval force for hundreds of years, has experience and knowledge of services to all types of vessels and their needs. Also since antiquity our country was a country of fishermen and fish has always been at the top of the Greek family table. As a matter of course, Greek Fish Farming flourished both inside and outside the borders.

What was missing from our business community, however, was a shipping / supply company / center that covers the full range of the needs of a fish farm, or a ship whether it is a Barge, a Feeding Barge or a Fish Farm.

We have invested in our partners’ experience and know-how, their passion and love for the sea and its products, but above all in creating them with consistency and responsibility.

Thus, in 2012 ALNI Technical Bureau Ltd was created, which has as its core principle the provision of top quality services, with consistency and continuity. We want companies that trust us to be pleased not only with our work but also with our overall cooperation.

We choose our partners with great care and very strict criteria to ensure both the quality of work and the consistency and responsibility of the work we undertake. We cover the largest range of repair work (machining, rolling and pipe work, electrical and electronic, mechanical work, hydraulic systems, sandblasting and blasting, propellers and shafts, paints, special stainless steel and other utilities such as services) rescuers, ship inspections, shipping documents etc. We also undertake new shipbuilding, construction plans / shipbuilding studies, work supervision and reporting of related reports, ship planning workshops, onshore & offshore units as well as monitoring.

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